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ADE Preview: 10 Artists to Watch at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

ADE or Amsterdam Dance Event, to give it its full nomenclature, is by far the most hotly anticipated electronic music festival in the whole of Europe. The thing about ADE is that it doesn’t just host parties, it provides an important opportunity for industry bods to network together in an environment consisting of like-minded individuals; people who want the art form to succeed and continue to generate interest.

Getting together to share ideas is one of the best ways to ensure this happens, as well as having a bit of a party once the evening rolls around and the daytime fades to dusk. We have gone through the events taking place at ADE 2018 and collected together ten of the ‘must sees’ for this year’s festival. In no particular order, here is our ADE 2018 Top Ten.

Jayda G

With a repertoire that spans house, afrobeat, rare groove, disco, and anything overflowing with funk, Jayda G is absolutely certain to get asses shaking at ADE 2018. The Vancouver DJ completely blew the roof off Dekmantel, as the Boiler Room video above will testify. Guaranteed cheek-to-cheek beaming going off all over the dancefloor as Jayda G plays Into the Woods – Friday, at NMDR on 19/10.


The Perlon head-man, ZIP, drops into ADE 2018, performing at VBX x FRRC, at Warehouse Elementenstraat, on 19/10. Whether he is laying down one of his incredible minimal house sets, which fluctuate and change in an almost organic manner, or enthralling with one of his live performances, you can be sure of a schooling in the finer points of the minimal oeuvre with ZIP at the helm.


Dutch DJ and producer, Estroe, is widely regarded as being one of the world’s most successful female DJ’s. Her selection skills are consistently on point, and she can move between genres with the grace of a hummingbird, covering house, techno, and all that lies in-between. Dave Clarke has an ear for such talents, which is why he is hosting Estroe at Dave Clarke Presents…, on 19/10 at the iconic Melkweg nightclub. The mix above illustrates a more low-slung side of Estroe‘s sound.


One of Holland’s most exciting emerging DJs, Odette can be seen at the 50:Hertz Techno Cafe (Bar Lunar) on 21/10. The Bergen resident (which lies just outside Amsterdam), is equally comfortable spinning delectable micro-house as she is dropping techno thumpers, so we suggest getting down early to see her full set, as she has been causing quite a stir around Europe. Definitely one to keep a close eye on in the immediate future. You can also catch Odette at The AMW ADE Marathon Presents… on 17/10.

Altruism/DJ Thatha

Psy-trance is an incredibly popular genre, woefully under-represented here in the UK. Thankfully, ADE is but a stone’s throw away, so if psy-trance is your bag, then we suggest you check out the talents of one of Brazil’s top exports in the genre, Altruism, AKA DJ Thatha. Her high energy sets induce full-on fractal mind-splinters, so she is well worth your time at ADE 2018. Catch her at Psychedelic Rave Presents: NanOMega, 20/10, at The Box.


Time for some big fat hairy techno thanks to Anetha, who you can see playing twice at ADE 2018, so don’t worry if you can’t make one of the shows, you’ve got another chance to catch her. If you’re after some proper blow-your-socks-off tackle, head to Varknipt Day 1: Techno Special at Amsterdam Studios on 18/10, or to Dave Clarke Presents… at Melkweg the following day. Either way, you can be sure that Anetha will be going in hard.


Enigmatic techno producer, label owner, and live act, SNTS, plays on the same bill as Anetha, above. The style of techno you can expect to hear will err on the darker side of the genre. Thunderous, cavernous, terrifying; whichever adjective you choose to describe it, you can be certain that SNTS‘s set will be a no-holds-barred foray into some seriously bone-crushing beats. High-octance is guaranteed, expect to leave with a melted face.


If you’re a fan of electronic music who doesn’t know who I-F is, are you actually a fan of electronic music? Only joking (partially), but if you haven’t heard I-F in action, you can educate yourself by catching him at Club Night – Sunday at Noorderling, on 21/10. Expect to hear plenty of 808 as the man is an electro legend, and runs the highly regarded Intergalactic FM. We suggest you grab a listen to that in preparation, as a wide range of electro related genres will be represented.

Dr. Rubinstein

Back on a techno tip, we have the inimitable Dr. Rubinstein playing at Shelter; Odd Fantastic x Dance With Pride, which takes place in Shelter, on 17/10. Deftly blurring the lines between electro and techno, Berlin-based Marina Rubinstein has made quite the name for herself since she left her native Tel-Aviv. She has recently performed for both Boiler Room and Neopop Festival, which should give you an idea of her sound.

Luca Lozano

Acid house lover and Klasse Wrecks label head, Luca Lozano, knows exactly what PH his litmus paper is. His sets are always heavy on the 303, with smatterings of electro layered throughout. His bendy style is one that is certain to tweak the central nervous system and see that you are jacking your body within 4 bars, we can attest to this, having had first-hand experience of one of his sets. You can catch him at Klokwerk – Klasse Wrecks at VLLA on 18/10.

Amsterdam Dance Event runs from Wednesday 17th – Sunday 21st October 2018. Check out the full schedule at the ADE website.

Featured Photo Credit: Tom Doms



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