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Audio Farm 2018 Festival Preview

Audio Farm is a nomadic little beast. Originally taking place at Hopton Court, the festival returns to the site this year, having splintered off for a sabbatical as One Tribe, in 2017, which took place at Cholmondeley Castle. The wanderer returns to Hopton Court this year for a feast of visual, auditory, and spiritual mana.

The ethos behind Audio Farm is very much one of togetherness. The size of the festival, both in terms of site capacity and crowd, means that there is very much a family feel to the festival, with a real sense of community instilled from the off. This intimate festival is an excellent opportunity to come together with like-minded others under one common goal; to lose oneself in the myriad experiences on offer at the festival.

This year, Audio Farm is set to take place between August 30th and September 3rd, which is five days of fun, expertly crafted by a team of organisers who genuinely set the bar high in terms of the artists performing at their festival. Let’s see what the festival has in store this year.

What Happened Last Year?

As we said, in 2017, Audio Farm took a break from being Audio Farm, and shifted its activities to the summertime, when it became One Tribe for five days in July. We were there (evidence, your honour) and we can tell you from first-hand experience that it blows tonnes of the bigger festivals clean out of the water.

The line-up was varied, with all manner of styles of music represented. From psy-trance, through to industrial techno, via dub and instrumental acoustics, the music programme was incredibly varied, with heaps of top names appearing on the roster, such as Slam, Illuminaughty hosted a stage take-over, Juan Atkins and more. There was plenty to do aside from music as well, with a host of workshops packing each day, on subjects as wide-ranging as ‘the acoustics of rocks’, gong baths, and there was even a cacao ceremony to open the festival.

What’s On?

As always, the curators behind the festival have been busy rifling through potential artists to pick the creme-de-la-creme for your listening pleasure. You can enjoy music from Surgeon, who has been at the forefront of the Birmingham techno scene since time began. There will also be sets from Carl CraigPaul Woolford, and Special RequestAudio Farm really has to be seen to be believed, so rather than us banging on about who is playing, take a look at the line-up below and just buy yourself a ticket.

Ones to Watch

The Goblin

The Goblin is resident at Illuminaughty, the Manchester psy-trance extravaganza that puts spectacle at the forefront of their gigs. As with One Tribe last year, the Illuminaughty crew will be hosting a stage take-over at Audio Farm, so expect The Goblin to be throwing down an energetic set that encapsulates the entire psy-trance spectrum. If driving kick drums and arpeggios-aplenty are your bag, then get a load of The Goblin at this year’s festival.

Jerome Hill

If you haven’t seen Jerome Hill play before, then you haven’t lived. The man behind Don’t, London’s premier acid events brand, and the man at the forefront of the UK ‘Bleep’ scene (check out bleep if you haven’t heard it before, it is BRILLIANT), and a DJ for approaching 30 years, starting out with hip-hop, working through electro and acid house, you are in excellent hands where Jerome Hill is concerned, he’ll pulverise you with absolute acid bangers, so be prepared for an ear-bashing from the speakers!

Cy Humphreys

Audio Farm wouldn’t be Audio Farm without resident Cy Humphreys stepping up to the plate. Never without a huge grin on his face, the chirpy chap really knows how to throw down the ultimate party set, with an array of styles represented throughout his stint on the decks. Cy will have you bouncing around like the proverbial lunatic, as he chops and cuts between tracks like Tigger on speed. Check out his set from One Tribe last year.

Cari Lekebusch

The head honcho over at H-ProductionsCari Lekebusch, started out in a similar way to Mr Hill, above. With his roots in hip-hop and b-boy culture, the Swedish producer started out swapping mixtapes and bootlegs he had made himself, before grabbing his own set of decks and learning to mix. Thankfully he continued to hone his craft and took to producing too, making him one of the most well-respected dj-producers on the underground circuit. Check him out at Audio Farm this year, he will not disappoint. Check out his mix under the Mystic Letter K alias, below.

Mara Lefay

Mara Lefay is one techno DJ who hails from the ‘big smoke’, and she’ll be trooping cross country to Audio Farm 2018. so that she can share with you her ear for a techno banger, as she takes her audience on a journey through the genre’s landscape. This summer has seen the young DJ perform at some top fezzies, including Boomtown and Noizily, so we definitely recommend checking her out at Audio Farm before she overtakes Amelie Lens and Charlotte de Witte in the popularity stakes and we only ever get to see her play on Tomorrowlands videos.

Can I Still Get Tickets?

YES! Grab yours, here.

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