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BBC Music Festival to Replace Glastonbury for Gap Year

Everybody needs to take a rest and recuperate now and again, especially when they’ve just spent an entire year organising the biggest festival in the UK. Glastonbury is no exception, as the Eavises need to sleep too, you know! Not only that, but their site needs time to recover from the rigours of so many attendees trampling across the fields, as it is a working farm.

Photo: Jason Bryant

This is why 2018 sees the organisers of the festival taking a break to recharge the batteries. It is also why you’ll see that the BBC has stepped in and taken up the mantle, putting on four shows in four cities around the UK, one in each of its four countries.

The BBC Biggest Weekend takes place during the second bank holiday weekend in May (from 25th-28th May 2018). There will be in excess of 175,000 tickets up for grabs and the BBC has promised that they will be bringing some of the world’s biggest and best artists to the four locations over the course of the four days.

No lineup announcements have been made as of the time of writing, but organisers are promising top artists from the global stage heading to the locations over which the festival is to be held.

As you might expect, the BBC plans to televise the events in much the same way as they televise Glastonbury, so if there is an artist you would like to see, but they aren’t at your location, then you can check them out at on iPlayer. BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, and 6 Music will also be airing various live sets from the event.

We will have more news, including lineup announcements and festival locations, as and when it comes in, so keep your eyes peeled on Nextfest for all the info relating to the BBC Biggest Weekend.


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