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Bloodstock 2017 – NextFest Preview

If you are looking for a festival that offers some of the most iconic rock and metal music imaginable, alongside a welcoming family atmosphere fit for all ages, then you should be getting yourself ready to head off to Bloodstock Festival, at Catton Park in Derbyshire.

The festival takes place this August 10th – 13th, and features some of the most prominent artists on the rock and metal scene. Past festivals have welcomed to the stage the likes of SlayerTriviumCannibal Corpse, and Meshuggah, so you pretty much get the idea here…Bloodstock brings awesome acts to the UK that many fans would not otherwise get the opportunity to enjoy.

One such band is the incredulously theatrical Ghost BC, who bring their own brand of maniacal Monstrance Clock metal to 2017’s Bloodstock. These are one of the headlining acts and perhaps the most exciting for us here at NextFest.

With three accomplished albums under their belt, and a raft of critically acclaimed tracks to their name, including Zombie QueenElizabeth, and Cirice, you can expect full on spectacle when you see them perform. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Papa Emeritus and his Nameless Ghouls, as Ghost will undoubtedly be tearing the roof off Bloodstock with an inverted crucifix.

For more metal music that focuses on one form of lore or another, then you should check out Winterfylleth, who bring their spectacularly doom-laden stories of English heritage, interweaving folklore with historical yarns. The black metal scene in the UK has been well and truly invigorated by one of the most critically acclaimed bands on the scene right now. Definitely worth a yomp across the field to check these guys out.

Named after the shape-shifting demons of Japanese folk tales, Oni will be splitting skulls on Sunday, August 13th over on the Sophie Lancaster stage. Known for their incredible strength and the destruction they leave in their wake, it is fitting that the band should be named after such a malevolent being.

However, don’t let their name confuse you. The band might seem, on the surface, to be all violence and brutality, but they juxtapose that with their emotional lyrics and songwriting tack.

For something fresh in terms of lesser known bands in the UK, then check out Nordjevel, who will be playing on the Hobgoblin New Blood stage on Friday 11th August. The band are fairly new on the scene, having only released their eponymous debut album back in 2016. The Norwegians will bring their themes of anti-religion and self-destruction to Bloodstock.

As this is a family festival, there is plenty to keep your little shredders occupied as well, so everyone who attends can enjoy the Bloodstock experience, an element of the festival that the organisers are keen to maintain.

For more information, head to our Bloodstock Festival page.


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