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Bluedot Festival 2018 Preview

Bluedot is genuinely one of the most forward-thinking festivals in the country. It manages to somehow combine science, learning, art, culture, and music into one comprehensive package, all of which takes place in the shadow cast by Jodrell Bank‘s imposing Lovell Telescope.

This year sees a host of expertly curated artists standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the brains that make our scientific world go round, providing endless entertainment for the masses over the course of the festival, which runs from July 19th – 22nd.

What Happened Last Year?

Last year’s Bluedot featured a host of awesome names, including PixiesAlt-JOrbital, and electronic-rockers Soulwax. Not only that, but some fantastic science bods also joined the ranks. Visitors to the festival were able to come face-to-face with Darth Vader (well, David Prowse, but that is as close as you are getting unless you join the Dark Side), Captain Scarlet, who celebrated his fiftieth birthday in 2017 (he never seems to age, that guy), and there was even a celebration of Delia Derbyshire‘s compositions, which people will know, most famously, from Dr. Who.

Who’s Playing?

2018’s edition of Bluedot features some world-class artists that rival even some of the biggest European festivals. You can catch performances from luminary acts such as The Chemical Brothers and the Flaming Lips, both of whom really know how to put on a show that is brimming with spectacle. For a genuine audial delight, you really need to check out the Blue Planet In Concert with the Halle Orchestra. Those who are familiar with the show and the works of George Fenton will know just how beautiful his compositions are. To see them perform live will be nothing short of overwhelming. Take a gander at the line-up poster…

Ones to Watch

Helena Hauff

With a career forged at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel nightclub, Hauff has been making a serious name for herself during her career. She plays a heady mix of electro and techno, focusing on a slightly more minimal sound than some of her peers. That is not to say her set won’t be banging. Quite the opposite, in fact. Despite her minimal stylings, Helena knows how to throw down a beat with a gritty edge, perfect for getting your body jacking in seconds. You’re likely to hear some tracks from her forthcoming album on Ninja Tune, but in the meantime, check out her set from Dimensions. Oosh. Mission Control Arena. Saturday.

Gary Numan

If you don’t want to check out the producer of Are Friends Electric? and Cars, then you’re probably at the wrong festival. The former Tubeway Army frontman will be rocking the Lovell Stage on Saturday night and, honestly, we don’t need to say much more than go and check him out. You won’t regret it.

Richard Dawkins

We did say this wasn’t all about the music, so it only seems fair to include one of the most famous scientists on the planet (we won’t dare to say in the universe as we don’t know what lies out there – surely Dawkins would agree with this sentiment). Richard Dawkins is an incredibly influential and well-respected ethologist and biologist, so it is wholly worth going and seeing what he has to say for himself. You never know, he might change your perspectives on a number of life’s many facets. Mission Control. Saturday.

Can I Still Get Tickets?

You can, and they’re a snip at £175 for four days of brilliant entertainment. Grab ’em here.



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