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Festival No.6 Preview

Festival No.6 is the boutique festival taking place in Port Meirion, the Clough-Williams-designed village, and it returns in 2018 with its usual astounding line-up of art, culture, education, and performance, peppered with pop-ups that you don’t expect.

Port Meirion was once most famous for its quaint beauty and the fact that it was the location at which British cult sci-fi, The Prisoner, was filmed. Not any more. Festival No.6 has arguably become the most recognisable reason to head to the Welsh village. In music circles, at least.

What Happened Last Year?

Well, it rained a lot. It was also pretty damn windy. However, those who head to no.6 regularly, know that the weather is not an excuse to be put off. Just throw a poncho on, get your wellies on your feet and go and have fun. Just don’t go for a swim in the mud by the toilets (why do people insist on doing this?).

Last year’s festival featured the usual carefully curated mixture of artists, from established to emerging, from choirs to chemical beats, via indie acoustics. Mogwai got themselves involved, as did Wild Beasts and Bloc Party. But, as always, there was much more to it than that, with Tim Peaks serving up a mug full of sonic chai.

Get a load of their video, below.

What’s On?

Franz Ferdinand are heading up the seventh edition of Festival No 6, and they’re enjoying pole position with The The. Also kicking up dust on the bill will be legendary indie act, The Charlatans (The Only One I Know, being a firm favourite since this writer’s teenage years) and Everything Everything, with Kenny Dope and Erol Alkan being amongst those repping the DJ fraternity.

Their line-up poster (below) should give you an idea of what you can expect, but don’t forget that Festival No 6 is about finding the hidden gems, so make sure you do plenty of exploring. Heading into the woods is usually a safe bet that you’ll stumble upon a few little surprises, just a friendly tip from your mates here at NextFest

Ones to watch

Nabihah Iqbal

You’re most likely to know Nabihah Iqbal as the artist formerly known as Throwing Shade. The Ninja Tune darling has been receiving some well deserved critical acclaim, thanks, in part, to her December 2017 debut for the label. The young producer consistently opens…nay, blows minds with her music, lyrics, and vocal delivery, and should certainly be checked out at Festival No 6. Check out (and buy) Nabihah‘s debut album, Weighing of the Heart, below, for a taster. You won’t regret it.

The Brass Eye Tapes: Oxide Ghosts

If you’re a child of the eighties (and what, age is only a number…right…) then you’ll remember the hilarious Channel Four disruption caused by Chris Morris and co.’s Brass Eye project. Who could forget Richard Blackwood‘s consternation regarding children smelling like hammers, or Gladiotors‘ Wolf delivering the sobering news that Carla the elephant, who had her trunk lodged in her undercarraige, had exploded in a “shower of pulped yams”. Yeah, we know, it sounds off the wall. That’s because it is, and attendees have a rare opportunity to see Michael Cumming‘s 1-hour mashup of out-takes. If you like your comedy subversive, then get stuck into this. If you haven’t heard of Brass Eye before, then take a listen to the intro from their ‘science’ episode, for an idea of what sort of hilarity awaits. This is a quality booking, so head down and pack it out.


We’ve touted the talents of Manchester’s Willow here on NextFest before, but she deserves to have her sound heralded from the rooftops, as she weaves together a sublime tapestry containing rich, sumptuous textures that not only lift the spirit, they refresh the soul. Sophie Wilson blends tracks ranging from crunky broken beats all the way through to low-slung techno vibes. Inspired by heady rave days at Manchester’s Sankeys nightclub, a surefire way to successfully cut your teeth, Willow‘s productions and DJ sets alike are inspiring. We highly recommend checking her out, you’ll be glad you did.

Can I still get tickets?

Yes! Get ’em ‘ere.


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