No Man’s Land 28-30 Jul 2017
£63.25 - £88.75

No Man’s Land FESTIVAL IS...

Electronic / Family Friendly / Reggae / Woodland
28-30 Jul 2017


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Once a year in a hidden location deep within the woodlands, tribes gather to immerse themselves in a musical fantasy land of the weird and wonderful.

5 main stages bring the wilderness to life, each with their own spectacular structures, sites and sounds.


Planet Grunt

“A twisted metal sculpture of fire breathing machines, oil stained fiends and steampunk leather wenches… Planet Grunt is transformed into a Mad Max world of fear and danger! Beware of the chainsaw lunatics as you approach this magnificent outdoor stage…”

Enchanted Woods

(Hosted by Project Storm)
“If you follow the hidden path deep into the woods you will eventually find a mystical place of special power. The energy centre of the forest features a secret seclusion circle surrounded by magnificent 8 foot stones of the 5th elements. Each stone holds special power of Ye Funktion One to transmit high fidelity musical surround sounds of the deck lords who have taken refuge in a huge VJ pyramid… Expect a visual Mapping audio showcase like no other!”

The Asylum

(Hosted by Shakedown)
“Could it be just another spooky campfire story or is that eerie huge abandoned building in the woods really a haunted Asylum? Some have said that the poor tortured souls have been floating in the Windows trying to get out… So we decided to put a 40k surround sound system in the courtyard to entertain them!
Expect only the darkest music here!”

The Bass Station

(Hosted by Brukout)
“An abandoned control station full of buttons and rusty switches would normally be dangerous to tamper with but this does not deter those interfering herberts from Brukout.
Once powered up they unleash vast amounts of ‘unknown’ noise from the once deserted BASS STATION pumping out sub frequencies that will suck you right in!”

The Techno Dome

(Hosted by Tribe of Munt & Nusense)
“Some say it landed overnight, others say it popped up out of the ground, but either way the huge unnatural dome is right in the forest clearing… Expect nothing but Techno smiles and crazy bald people!”

In addition to the huge variety of music, the site also contains a broad-ranging collection of food stalls catering for every taste, including vegetarian and vegan options. There are also plenty of bars and cafes selling hot and cold drinks at very reasonable prices.

When it’s time to take a break from the music, you can enjoy a browse of the market stalls, which showcase everything from arts, crafts & jewellery to vintage clothing and fancy dress.

The festival welcomes visitors of all ages, and there are lots of fun family activities at the ‘Never Never Land’ area.


The Skints, The ASWAD Experience feat. Brinsley Forde,

Freestylers Vs Dub Pistols, MC Xander, Slamboree Soundsystem, Gypsy Unit, EZ Rollers fest. Ella Sopp, Captain Flatcap, Aphrodite & MC Junior Red, Deekline, DJ Krust, Kry Wolf, Cut 'N' Run, Skazi, Avalon, Sonic Species, Liquid Ross, Nikki S, Dirty Saffi, Monk3yLogic, Nuky, Nick Sentience, Hypnocoustics, Billy Nasty, Vandal Vs Guigoo, Crystal Distortion, Rackitt, Liberator DJs Takeover,

Location TBA, Sussex, UK


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