Wildfire Adventure Camp 16-18 Jun 2017
£140 - £170

Wildfire Adventure Camp FESTIVAL IS...

18+ / Multi-Genre / Woodland
16-18 Jun 2017


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Wildfire Adventure Camp returns this June, combining activities, art and music for an action packed adults-only weekend in the forest.

This award-winning festival embodies the spirit of childhood summer camps, when everyone could enjoy team pursuits, challenge themselves mentally, learn a new skill or discover their dormant creative abilities.

Despite its affectionate nod to nostalgia, Wildfire Adventure Camp is definitely suited to the contemporary participant. Tailor-made for adults only, it’s the perfect weekend for anybody who wishes to leave behind the stresses of everyday life and replace them with fun and interesting activities. There’s an incredible cornucopia of pursuits, some of which are just downright strange, others may be more familiar, but all are thoroughly absorbing.

During the days you’ll get chance to take part in more than 80 amazing adventure activities, then at night the forest is transformed into a glittering Wildfire of music and festivity.

On top of this there’s an eclectic line-up of live music and djs every evening at the wild forest parties, which are curated by the award-winning LeeFest team. These can be pre-booked with one single overall ticket price.

This year’s activities include: Extreme Hill Zorbing, Archery Battles, Hammer Horror Mud Run, Wild Game Cooking and Hemp Ice Cream Making.

For a full list of activities: www.campwildfire.co.uk/adventure

Tickets are available now at: www.campwildfire.co.uk/tickets


Secret Line-up

Secret Line-up

Secret Forest Location, Kent, UK


As darkness falls, the forest is transformed into a glittering Wildfire of music and festivity. The festival’s secret line-up is curated by the award-winning team behind LeeFest, so you can expect an eclectic variety of the highest quality live bands and DJs. The secret forest parties also include campfires,  and night time adventures.


Forest Adventures

New activities for 2017:

Extreme Hill Rolling (Zorbing): Ever wondered what it’s like to be trapped inside a ball and flung at 30 miles an hour downhill? Well, here’s your chance to find out. This is old fashioned rolling down a hill taken to the extreme. Try to avoid the obstacles as you steer your sphere into the point winning targets whilst making it down the wildfire slopes in a winning time. You can rack up even more points for your patrol by hill running ahead of your fellow adventurers when they are the ones doing the rolling and reaching the bottom without getting splatted.

Bow Battles: Bow Battles = paintball, but with bows and arrows. In this intense and exciting combat sport you’ll use foam-tipped arrows to shoot at your opponents, ducking behind obstacles whilst trying to avoid being eliminated. Wildfire’s expert instructors will teach you some tricks and skills to get you through your battles, preparing you to duck and dodge, and even catch arrows as they whizz past your head.

Hemp Ice Cream Making: Forget Mr Whippy, it’s all about making your own ice cream from raw natural ingredients like hemp. You’ll learn the whole process in this hour and a half workshop, walking away with your very own, hand whipped, home (well, woodland) made ice cream.

Wild Obstacle Course: Including open ground, woodland, lakes and thick mud, this obstacle course will have you climbing, jumping, wading and crawling. Test your skill and strength or simply flail wildly through it in a fit of laughter.

Hammer Horror Mud Run: Run for your lives through the wildfire woodland, ducking, dodging and screaming away from a horrifying array of beasts. Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula and scores of the undead will all be trying to grab the 3 tags you’ll be wearing on a belt, representing your heart, lungs and brain. Make it through the gauntlet with all 3 intact and you’ll be given a survivors welcome. Lose more than one, and you’ll be joining the ranks of the undead in trying to catch those still living.

Wild Game Cooking: Grill wild venison on an open campfire under the guidance of Wildfire Adventure Camp’s survival experts whilst listening to some seriously extreme adventurers tell their treacherous tales of travel.

Other activities include: High Wire Rope Course, Leap of Faith, Scavenger Hunt, Bee Keeping, Archery, Extreme Water Slide, Meditation and Mindfulness, Sign Language, Aerial Circus, Wood Fired Hot Tubs, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Survival Skills, Rifle &, Swing Dancing, Jewellery Making, Pistol shooting, Pioneering, Macramé and Nipple Tassel Making! And much, much more.



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