Get Your Festival on and Help a Great Cause, With Warchild

Warchild is a tremendous charity that helps children whose lives have been destroyed by the atrocities of war in their native countries. They work tirelessly to put right what others keep putting wrong, so there is no reason why you can’t get involved, help a truly deserving cause, and catch some great music in the process.

The charity is offering 605 volunteer positions across CitadelWildernessField Day, or Lovebox – so you can choose which you’d most like to go to, and in return for a few hours of your time at the festival (and a small refundable deposit) you can enjoy three or so days of jumping around to music. Who isn’t a winner here?

Now, about those deposits. Basically, these are just to protect the charity and the festival against people who may not be so scrupulous about not turning up for work at the festival.

Citadel, Field Day, and Lovebox are asking first time volunteers to pay a refundable deposit of £40 (£20 for students) in exchange for one festival ticket, and for a meal voucher for each shift you do. You’ll be asked to put in one six-hour shift per day, which, when you think about it, is nothing really!

If you want to head to Wilderness then you’ll be asked for a deposit of £80 for first timers (again, this is refundable, or £40 for students and return volunteers. You get access to the festival, one day off to enjoy the atmosphere, and a meal voucher for each shift you do. You’ll have to complete three eight-hour shifts to qualify. You can also camp in the designated Warchild camping area. You will also need to be on site for 5 days (2-7 August).

For more information on how to volunteer, head to the Warchild website.

To find out more about CitadelWildernessField Day, or Loveboxthen head over to their individual festival pages.


Author: Ste Knight


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