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Glastonbury Festival Announces Resale Dates & Bonus Ticket Ballot

If you are reading this, commiserasions, as you’ve probably arrived having missed out during Sunday’s Glastonbury ticket sale.

However, hope is not yet lost; there are still several ways to grab a golden ticket for Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary next summer.

April Resale

For those lucky enough to have secured deposits in the general sale, the festival will be taking full payment for tickets during the first week of April. Any ticket balances unpaid during this seven day period (1 April – 7 April) will then go back up for grabs in the resale.

For coach + ticket packages, the resale will take place at 6pm, Thursday 16 April. The general admission resale will then take place at 9am, Sunday 19 April.

50th Anniversary Ticket Ballot

To mark Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary, the festival have held back 50 pairs of tickets to be sold via a ballot. The organisers have not yet set a date for this but will be releasing details in the next few days.

Glastonbury Ribbon Tower, The Park Area | Anna Barclay

Photo: Anna Barclay

Sunday’s general sale saw record numbers head to the Glastonbury Festival website to attempt to buy tickets, with demand significantly outstripping supply. Following the sale, co-organiser Emily Eavis confirmed that 2.4 million people were registered. To put that into perspective, the festival’s capacity, excluding staff and performers, is 135,000.

Glastonbury Festival will take place at Worthy Farm, Somerset, from Wednesday 24 – Sunday 28 June 2020. For photos, videos, line-up info and more, head to our Glastonbury Festival page, HERE.

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