Glastonbury After Hours: All You Need to Know

This week’s guest blog comes from The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight.

With just a couple of days to go, things are hotting up Glastonbury-wise. If you are a ticket holder, you will no doubt be checking the weather forecast on 3-minute rotations, while eyeing the sky menacingly and kicking sensible footwear angrily across the room.

Anyway, I digress. No doubt you’re very excited about planning what bands you’re going to be taking in throughout the day. But what happens when the sun drops behind the horizon? Well, luckily for everyone involved, there is going to be plenty to do for the night owls.

Here, we’ll be taking a take a look at what the after-hours areas at Glastonbury have to offer, and what acts you should be checking out on each stage.


The Arcadia area at Glastonbury has cemented its position at the very zenith point of spectacle. If off-the-chart pyrotechnics, huge hydraulic arachnids, and other worldly beings are your bag, then you’ll be wanting to get down to this stage when the sun goes down. In terms of acts, we reckon Coldcut will be a festival highlight at the Arcadia Stage. Their brand of artsy electronics and cut-n-paste breaks will have you jamming until the airbed calls. Definitely also check out Roni Size’s live New Forms spectacular, which has been brought bang up-to-date for the ‘teenies’.

Beat Hotel

Photo: Beat Hotel

The Beat Hotel is Glasto’s meeting point, where you can grab a bevy, meet your chums, and have a mid-hike knees-up. You can check out some of the world’s top DJs at the Beat Hotel. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to catch a bit of top techno protégé Daniel Avery, or take in a bit of hip-house courtesy of Full Nelson?! Well worth heading down to catch these artists amongst many others.

Block 9

Block 9 is celebrating its tenth birthday this year at Glastonbury. They’re doing it in style, as well, bringing some truly mind-blowing electronic music. If you are going to catch anyone at Block 9, then we definitely recommend you take a peek at Berghain resident, Norman Nodge, who will undoubtedly be pulverising punters with his punishing brand of techno. You should also have a nose at Hercules and Love Affair (and hope beyond all hope that they play their absolutely incredible Blind).

Silver Hayes

With more bottom end than you can shake a stick at, the Silver Hayes stage is bringing you all manner of bass-orientated music. Be it techno, d&b, house, grime, you name it, if there’s cavernous bass and booming kicks you will hear it here. I absolutely recommend checking out the unbelievably awesome R&S Records while you’re down at Silver Hayes. The heavyweight dance label is responsible for shifting some of the most influential records of all time, from huge artists. They will be showcasing the talents of Lone, Paranoid London, Acid Mondays and their own resident R&S DJs.


Towers of trash from last year’s festival have been converted into a haven for hedonists at Glastonbury 2017. There are tonnes of awesome acts to check out as well, but we definitely recommend checking out Brummie metal outfit, Napalm Death. The Death need no introduction, they’ve been metal-hammering tunes out for donkey’s years. Expect some serious ear-bleeding rock from the metal veterans. You might also want to check out hip-hop sound collage-ist, DJ Yoda, who never fails to throw curveballs into his AV sets.

The Common

Glastonbury’s The Common area is actually three separate venues in one handy section of the festival site. Made up of The Temple, Rumshack, and The Cave, you have all you need (AKA music and booze) in one place, and there’s some pretty hot artists on the go as well. I’d recommend Stanton Warriors, who will be dropping all manner of filthy basslines, beats, and breaks all down the front of your brand-new festival t-shirt. The pair really know how to get a party started, then keep it going with unending energy. Check them out, for sure. Dub-reggae superstar, Scientist, will also be gracing the stage with his presence. He is DEFINITELY NOT TO BE MISSED. OK?


If anarchy, anti-consumerism, and art/music are your thang, then you should head over to Unfairground and spend your after-hours time there. You can catch some superb artists there, but we highly advocate that you pop down and check out the electro-wizardry of the one and only Radioactive Man. His style of music is certainly energetic, playing hard-edged electro (if he is doing a live set, you’re in for a right old treat, be sure to keep an ear out for electro banger, ‘Ave That). While you’re down there, I recommend sticking around to watch Gypsy Unit, who bring their klezmer infused brand of ska-hop to the stage. They’re angry, anarchist, and absolutely brilliant.


Check out all the set times here.


– Ste Knight is the editor of online electronic music magazine, The Waveform Transmitter. The mag focusses on music from across the global electronic underground, bringing the hottest new and established artists straight to your screen. Check the website out here, and buy a copy of their charity compilation in aid of Crisis – the UK’s longest serving homeless charity – while you’re at it!


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