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Glastonbury Issue Tightened Security Warning

Organisers at Glastonbury Festival have issued a warning today that, due to recent terror attacks in London and Manchester, security at the 2017 festival is going to be significantly stricter in terms of bag searches, which means you are likely to have to wait longer to gain entry to the festival.

The security team have issued a statement saying that due to the tragic events that have taken place over the past few weeks, they will be carrying out luggage searches more stringently than in previous years. Their advice; pack light.

Additional searches will be in place, and so you should only be taking what you really need onto the festival site. Any attendees who are bringing large luggage items and trolleys will be directed to a separate queue to allow those travelling light to gain entry to the festival quicker.

In addition, organisers have asked that ticket holders do not wrap their luggage in industrial cling-film. While this might make things easier in terms of transporting your supplies, you will only be asked to remove it at the gate.

Photo: Jason Bryant

Those carrying large luggage cases or trolleys have been advised to label all packaging with their name and address so it can be identified as theirs as they enter the festival. All large luggage will presumably be matched up with ticket details to verify ownership.

They have also requested that if you do absolutely need to take everything you own to the festival with you, that you make multiple trips once you have gained entry, remembering to take your pass out and your ticket with you.

The festival car parks will be open on Tuesday June 20th, at 9pm. The gates to the festival will be opened and operated from 8am on Wednesday morning. Obviously, with the extended searches at the gates, you are advised to either get their super-early or come on the Thursday (by which time many people will have arrived). Oh, and don’t forget your wellies.

Glastonbury takes place 21 – 25 June at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset. For the full line-up, photos, videos and ticket information head over to our Glastonbury Festival page.


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