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How to Buy Tickets for Glastonbury 2019

After what has seemed like an eternal wait, it’s finally time to start getting ready for Glastonbury 2019 – beginning with the most nerve-racking day of the year: ticket day.

Since the last festival wayy back in 2017, we’ve celebrated another Royal Wedding, watched England nearly win the World Cup, and let Worthy Farm’s cows enjoy a peaceful, sunny, Coldplay-free summer.

In the meantime, Micheal and Emily Eavis have been busy putting everything in place for 2019’s festival – including, hopefully, an Oasis reunion on the Pyramid Stage*.

With all 135,000 general admission tickets expected to sell out within 30 minutes, here’s how you can give yourself the best chance of grabbing one.

*Oasis reunion extremely unlikely.

Photo: Anna Barclay

When is Glastonbury 2019?

Glastonbury 2019 will take place at Worthy Farm, Pilton, between 26th – 30th June.

Do I need to register/re-register?

If you haven’t registered already you will need to do so before 12 (midday), Monday 1st October. Register Now.

If you registered for any Glastonbury festivals after 2010 then your registration should still be valid. However, it’s worth logging into your account to check that your details are up to date.

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets for Glastonbury 2019 will go on sale at 9am, Sunday 7th October, and will cost £248 + £5 booking fee.

Before that, 10,000 coach & ticket packages will go on sale at 6pmThursday 4th October. If you purchase one of these, you must then travel by coach to gain entry to the festival.

What happens on ticket day?

At 9am Sunday morning the tickets page goes live – then you’re in for about 30 minutes of anxiety and suffering while you refresh the page, desperately trying to reach the payment form.

If you do get through, don’t celebrate just yet. You’ll still need to fill in a form with your details, plus the details of anyone else you wish to secure tickets for. You can process up to six deposits, which are £50 each.

What happens next?

Once the deposit has been processed you will receive a ‘Glastonbury Deposit Notification’ email confirming your booking (Hallelujah!). Time to stick your wellies on and crack open a Sunday morning cider to celebrate.

The remainder of the balance will be due between 1st & 7th April. If you miss this window then you will lose your ticket.

What happens if I miss out?

Well, if you’ve browsed all the alternatives on NextFest’s Festival Listings page but still have your heart set on Glasto, you’ll have to decide whether to apply for a volunteer/ staff position or wait it out until the resale in April, when all tickets with unpaid balances go back up for grabs.

Who sends me the tickets?

Glastonbury tickets are sold exclusively through See Tickets and will be sent out in the post a few weeks before the event (so double check the address on your registration – will you be there in May/June 2019?).

Note to touts: Your ticket will include the photo you submitted with your registration, so unless you have a twin, or can lend someone your face for the weekend, then you are stuck with it and cannot sell it on.

How to maximise your chances…

Strength in numbers – Each person who gets through can secure up to six tickets, so if you’re lucky enough to have five mates, get into a group of six and make a note of each other’s registration details. Then when one of your group gets through they can process all six deposits at once.

Note: Do not sit in two camps. If someone tries to pay your deposit when it’s already been paid by somebody else it will not go through, meaning they could lose out on their own.

Use Multiple devices – Dig out your old laptop, iPad, tablet, iPhone, Android – borrow your partner’s, your brother’s, sister’s, mum’s, dad’s… whatever you can get your hands on. Then keep refreshing each of them until you get through.

Use Multiple networks – If one of your devices is a phone or tablet, use 3G/4G so that you’re trying on as many networks as possible. If you’re trying as a group, stay in separate locations so that you’re on different IP addresses, and set up a Whatsapp/messenger group so you can keep each other updated.

Try for coach tickets – Contribute to a more eco-efficient Glastonbury Festival and secure your ticket three days early – just note that you must travel by coach to collect your ticket, and an additional coach fee will be applicable. Coach tickets go on sale at 6pm, Thursday 4th October.

Good luck, and hopefully see you on the farm!



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