Isle Of Wight Festival

Isle Of Wight 2017 – Festival Preview

This weekend (8-11 June) sees the Isle of Wight Festival returning, and bringing along with it one hell of a line-up to boot. The festival, which started out as a counter-culture event back in 1968, will this year see huge names such as Rod StewartDavid Guetta, and Arcade Fire headlining their main stages.

Hopefully (and we’ve got literally everything crossed for all you lucky folks attending the festival), you will be able to enjoy the festival blessed by the appearance of that elusive yellow thing we sometimes see in the sky over the UK, the name of which escapes us right now…although the current weather reports aren’t looking overly impressive.

Don’t let that perturb you, though. There’s so much good music to absorb, you’ll be sure to forget about a few spots of drizzle.

We’ve got some acts here that we think you should definitely be checking out. One such band, we’ve already mentioned; the astounding Arcade Fire. The indie-rock outfit have recently been performing tracks from their critically acclaimed Neon Bible, but no doubt fans will be hoping for a glimpse of tracks from their up-and-coming album, Everything Now (just don’t start guessing the tracklist, they took to Twitter this week quite upset about what @EverythingNowCo were up to – you can find that one out for yourself).

Photo: James Bridle

So, who else to watch? Well, that all depends on your tastes. We highly recommend heading to the Cirque de la Quirk stage to catch Britain’s biggest breaks export, the good old Stanton Warriors weaving their magic. The pair really know how to blow a dancefloor wide apart, with their mix of downright dirty party bangers. Expect to be throwing some outrageous shapes to whatever bass music the Warriors decide to blast your way.

One band who really know how to get their crowd up and dancing, and enjoying every minute of it, are Liverpool’s Space. You’ll DEFINITELY know a whole heap of their tracks, so they are perfect if you want to have a good old singalong. Come on, who doesn’t love belting out the likes of Female of the SpeciesNeighbourhood, and Me and You Versus the World. Plus, frontman Tommy Scott can entertain without even singing, he’ll just lay on the scouse charm.

There are actually still tickets available for the festival, if you are yet to pick one up. Aside from the music there’ll be plenty of other attractions for you to enjoy, from the usual bars and food stalls, to comedy acts, fairground rides, and theatre productions. Oh, and don’t forget the fantastic workshop programme they have in place, too!

Author: Ste Knight

Featured photo: James Bridle


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