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Liverpool Psych Fest 2017 – NextFest Preview

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia is perhaps the largest…actually, scrap that…IS the largest celebration of the psychedelic sound in the entire UK. This year is the sixth edition of the festival, on the run, and with The Black Angels and Songhoy Blues taking their turn to headline on Friday and Saturday night, psych-heads are in for a real treat.

The festival is set to take place on Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd of September, at the multi-space Camp and Furnace, their sister venue, Blade Factory, and the nearby arts space, District.

You are guaranteed to experience the weird and the wonderful over the two days, as organisers have made this year’s line-up their biggest yet. With some of the most well-known, well-respected names on the psych scene hitting the stages, alongside some particularly well-chosen DJs, there is certainly something for everyone, from those who just like to take in live music, to die-hard cosmonauts embarking on a mind-bending psychedelic journey.

In addition to the headliners, there is a metric megatonne of other artists who will be playing the festival. Industrial dancehall purveyor, The Bug, is teaming up with Dylan Carlson of the drone-metal band Earth, for what is going to be quite possibly THE heaviest act of the festival.

The pair have teamed up before now, most recently (in terms of studio work) for the collaborative release Concrete Desert, which is one big, heavy, doom-laden bastard of an album. Honestly, if your ears aren’t bleeding after this performance then we genuinely suggest questioning your existence on planet earth, because you clearly aren’t human.

In a novel twist, the organisers have booked in DJ Thundermuscle himself, Steve Davis, who has eschewed his snooker cue in favour of a cue button. Apparently playing a mix of banging techno and electro (although how this will fit into the psych fest we are yet to see). Worth checking out for the novelty factor if nothing else though (we hear he is actually quite good).

For a more ‘serious’ psych DJ, you should check out Andy VotelVotel has been on the psych scene for many a year now. His humble beginnings in Violators of the English Language (from whom he takes his acronym, Votel) led to him spinning psych and jazz over the top of hip-hop records. Think DJ Cam and you might have a bit of an idea what Votel sounds like.

If you want to know what kind of tracks he’ll be dropping during his set, then his appearances alongside Stuart Maconie on BBC R6 should give you an idea of his diverse tastes.

For something totally out of the ordinary, then Zambian rock band, We Intend to Cause Havoc (stylised as W.I.T.C.H.) can provide just that. To make their performance even more leftfield, they will be joined on stage by Jacco Gardner, the Dutch multi-instrumentalist who specialises in a baroque-pop sound.

It goes without saying that the Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia is going to shake the very foundations of the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool. In their own words, the orgnaisers have promised that the festival will “destroy you”, and with a line-up that strong, we’re inclined to believe them.



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