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Lost Village Festival 2017 – NextFest Preview

Returning for its third year, Lost Village Festival heads back to a private woodland and countryside location, not too far from Thurlby Moor, halfway in between Newark and Lincoln.

Despite only being a young festival, Lost Village has already grown a loyal following of revellers eager to escape the grind and end up somewhere unique, a new world that the organisers boast is filled with wonder, one where reality shifts and changes to the beat of the drum.

There will be all manner of strange sights, from nomadic tribes, cults-people, and more; all inhabitants of this strange, abandoned village. You can enjoy yourself dancing to the tribal beat at the Abandoned Chapel, or fine-dine at the Tribal Banquet. There is all manner of arts and crafts workshops, where you can learn something new, on Forgers Lane, or expand your knowledge at the village’s own university, the Institute of Curious Minds.

If you like to mix music with fine food and other arts, then Lost Village is the festival for you. With an exciting music programme, there will be so much to hear that you will almost certainly be spoilt for choice. You can even relax and unwind post-dancing at the Lake of Tranquility, which has hot-tubs and saunas. Perfect to relax and unwind in with a nice bottle of fizz.

With plenty of food on offer as well, from the street food of Basecamp through to the Michelin star quality dining at Tribal Banquet, it seems to us that your stomach, as well as your ears and eyes, will be well and truly satisfied.

So, who do we recommend you go and catch in terms of the music?

Well, first up we strongly suggest you head over and see the entirety of Fakear‘s set. Having been producing and performing since 2013, you would be forgiven for thinking that Fakear was an inexperienced newcomer.

However, this young Frenchman makes some quite remarkable electronic music and his live performances using two Native Instruments Maschines are off the chart. If you don’t belive us then get a load of his Cercle set (which is also worth it for the breathtaking location where the set was recorded).

We also suggest having a listen to Erol Alkan‘s set. The DJ/producer/remixer plays some top electro fayre, so you’ll be bouncing around like a complete and utter madman. His sets are often journey-like in their qualities, as Alkan deftly skips seamlessly from track to track without ever missing a beat.

It is quite clear that Lost Village is designed to be an immersive experience, and that it will be, as ticket holders enter into a world not their own for the four days between 24th-27th August.


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