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Neighbourhood Festival – NextFest Preview

One day festivals such as Manchester’s Neighbourhood…Very much de rigueur nowadays are they not? Of course, they have their benefits. The toilets are (usually, dependent on venue) a step up from the stinking hell-holes of field-based fezzies, you don’t have to camp out (you can EVEN stay in a hotel if you like) and you can get a burger for less than £3 rather than shelling out £15 for something half the size just because it has a fancy name.

Obviously, as well, you get to pack a load of fun into just the one day, go home, sleep, and then have your hangover on Sunday, ready for work on the Monday. Try doing THAT after a four-day camping festival. Not gonna happen.

Neighbourhood Festival, which takes place at 12 venues across Manchester’s city centre on Saturday 7th October, sees some fantastic acts gracing the city’s fair streets. The fact that the festival is only entering its second year makes this fact all the more impressive, particularly when you consider the fact that organisers have managed to attract the likes of PeaceRatboy, and Cabbage.

Venues include: Refuge at The Basement; Manchester Metropolitan Uni’s The UnionFactory (which is in the old Factory Records building); Underdog; the stunning Albert HallDeaf Institute; the iconic GorillaSound Control; and The Thirsty Scholar.

So who do we recommend you check out over the course of the weekend? Well, we’ve managed to whittle it down and select a few artists we reckon you’d be a fool to miss.

First off, we’d strongly recommend experiencing the soulful, syrup-like tones of the perfect XamVolo. The Liverpool singer has made a name for himself as one of the most promising soul acts to come out of…well…anywhere, over recent years. Honestly, go and see him, you won’t regret catching a load of this Old Soul. (Gorilla, 3pm)

Next up are another bunch of Liverpool’s likely lads, TheVryllSociety. The band have been garnering themselves quite the cult following since their inaugural single, Deep Blue Skies. Recorded, the band are phenomenal, but their live act somehow sees their recorded material pale in significance, simply due to the energy they exhibit while on stage. (Sound Control Basement, 7pm)

Peace are another act whose sound you really want to be getting in your ears. If you have heard their second album, Happy People, then you will know exactly what all the fuss is about. Expertly melding together psychedelia with their trademark indie vibe, the punk-popsters will no doubt be melting heads at the Albert Hall(4:45pm)

If raw indie is what you’re after, then head along and catch the brilliant Anteros. Kinda like a modern day Ladytron-cum-Blondie without the electro edge, this bunch craft some seriously good singalong tracks. Check out Drunk if you need any proof. (Factory, 6:15pm)

You can still grab wristbands for Neighbourhood Festival. We encourage this behaviour. Go on, then!

Check out the full music schedule & set times HERE.


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