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OnBlackheath Festival 2017 – NextFest Preview

Onblackheath Festival started life thanks to the organisers’ desire to see South East London have its own special musical events. Fed up with travelling across the Thames for events such as this only to have difficulty in returning home, they decided to bring the music to themselves (and plenty of others Southside), instead of taking themselves to the music.

They have since gone from strength to strength, providing Blackheath with a wonderful family-oriented vibe, which has remained their core ethos since inception. Well, that and bringing some pretty banging music from the local and international stage.

Offering a space in which Londoners can escape the daily grind, forget about work, and wash away the drudgery of the weekdays spent office-bound, Onblackheath is an amazing testament to the hard work and dedication of the team behind the festival.

The festival aims not only to provide a rich and diverse entertainment programme. It is also focussing on providing budding Michelin star chefs with all manner of culinary delights. The Food Village is the venue for a plethora of delectable fare, offered up via celebrity chef demonstrations, fine festival fodder, and you can even enrol at the site’s own cookery school! “Put some music in your food”, as good old Levi Roots would say.

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The family section of the festival has just as much entertainment for your mini-me as the ‘grown up’ parts of the festival. Your little ones can get involved in storytelling & performance, arts and crafts, and theatre & games, so there is a great deal to keep them occupied during the day.

However, as you are unlikely to be aged 0-12, we think you’d probably like a few recommendations regarding the music you should be catching up with at the festival. Are we right? Thought so.

First up, and this will probably be a draw for most of the ticketholders, Travis will be performing a UK festival exclusive run-through of their album The Man Who. The album catapulted the Scottish indie rock-and-rollers into fame and saw them garner worldwide success. Good Feeling came before that and was also well received.

The number one album, The Man Who, will be the focus of the performance at Onblackheath, as the band rattle through hits from the long player, including Writing to Reach YouTurnWhy Does it Always Rain on Me?, and DriftwoodTravis headline the Main Stage on Saturday, September 9th.

Kate Tempest joins them on the Saturday for her inimitable hybrid performance which combines beat poetry with intelligently rhymed hip-hop. If you seek something that makes the hairs on the nape of your neck stand on end, then this really is it.

Kate is a Londoner herself, born a stones-throw away from Blackheath, in Brockley. Her vocal delivery and dystopian outlook make for some pretty heart-wrenching music. Just wait until she drops Let Them Eat Chaos and we defy you not to feel the track in the very pit of your stomach.

Stick ’em up, punk, it’s the Fun Lovin’ Criminals who will be performing on the main stage on the Sunday of the festival. If you fancy some funk-infused, soulful hip-hop with an allusion to a gangster lifestyle on occasion (The King of New York, anyone?!) then these are the band for you.

They first burst onto the scene back in the 90s with their debut album, come Find Yourself and, hopefully, they will be performing tracks such as Scooby SnacksLove Unlimited, and  The Fun Lovin’ Criminal.

The festival will then be rounded off in style with a Sunday headlining set from The LibertinesPete Doherty, Carl Barât & co have been in incredible form since their reunion in 2015, and with only a handful of festival slots scheduled over the summer, this is one you really don’t want to miss.

Grab yourself some tickets while they are still available and see for yourself what Blackheath has to offer.

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