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Rec Rock 2017: Nextfest Preview

Clough Head Farm is the location for this year’s Rec Rock Festival. Situated in the picturesque Peak District, among the rolling hills and undulating valleys of Clough Farm‘s fields, the location is perfect for ticket holders to enjoy probably their last festival of the season (at least, in the UK). Perfect, then, as it features a diverse line-up that covers the entire musical spectrum, from indie to breakcore and all that lies in-between.

Coming into its third year, the festival is organised in aid of two homeless charities, 1859 Empty the Doorways and Lifeshare. With such a fantastic cause in their sights, the £50 price tag seems incredibly reasonable. The festival is family friendly, with plenty to be getting on with for the youngsters while the oldsters get on with enjoying the music.


The kids area is completely free. By that, we mean all children under the age of twelve get into the entire three days of the festival free. Gratis. For nothing! Which comes as even more of a bonus to the wallet. Anyone aged 12-17 only need pay £30. But back to the children’s attractions. There are arts & crafts to get involved in, games, a climbing wall (and what nipper doesn’t love THOSE), and a kid’s disco, so they can enjoy musical nourishment while you do.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy as a family as well, completely separate to the music available. You can take part in a family paint fight (paint fights are awesome…take it from us), crazy bike rides (on all manner of off-the-wall two-wheelers) and a cinema with films for all ages. The arts and crafts at the festival sound particularly interesting, with ticket-holders able to create their own artwork from broken bits of vinyl.

Aaaaanyway…what music is available to enjoy at the festival? We highly recommend checking out the Battlestar Eclectica stage. In particular, if bass is your bag, then make a special effort to catch Liverpool’s M62 Records, who fly the flag in the city for the bass sound. From dubstep to bassline, expect chestplates to rattle and bottom end to rumble, as the scouse bassheads rep the bass scene. You’ve got Long-ETubbz, and Lucent who will be causing mayhem left, right, and centre.

Also from ‘that Liverpool’ we have Akasa. The diminutive producer is a complete triumph in the live arena, as well as in terms of her recordings. Using only hardware, she knows exactly how to control the dance floor in much the same way that she deftly manipulates the samples coming from her synths.

The energy Akasa creates when she is commanding the audience, is palpable. Having seen her live several times, we can guarantee the atmosphere boiling over at several points as her acid techno sound whips you up into a feral frenzy.

Last, but not least, check out the punk ethos of Argh Kid‘s poetic street rhyme. The Mancunian artist offers a gritty look at life, telling stories based on observation and experience that will make you laugh just as much as they’ll make you think.

There are still a small number of tickets available for this amazing festival. Grab yours while you still can. This is going to be an awesome three days to end the summer on.


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