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Ten Artists to Watch at Boomtown 2018

The UK’s biggest temporary settlement, Boomtown Festival, returns on August 9th – 12th, and brings with it potentially THE most impressive line-up, not only of its own ten years in operation but also of the whole 2018 UK festival season.

Pulling together a blistering selection of live artists and DJ acts, across a range of styles, the organisers have filled 2018’s edition of the annual grande fete with some of the most notable names on the planet.

With so many top acts performing across the city, it’s going to be tricky squeezing in everyone you want to see. We have, however, singled out a handful of artists we think you definitely should not be missing at 2018’s festival.

So, in no particular order, here are our top ten artists to watch at Boomtown 2018.

Die Antwoord

Ninja and Yolandi Vasser are Die Antwoord, arguably South Africa’s most widely-recognised hip-hop exports. Hailing from the Western Cape, the pair recently announced their final album, 27, so this is an unmissable chance to catch them doing what they do best; bringing zef style to the masses. Fatty Boom Boom, indeed.

The Herbaliser

If UK hip hop is your bag, then we definitely suggest taking on festival favourites, The Herbaliser. They’ve been the bastion of the UK hip hop scene since they started out, professionally, back in 1995, with their first release on the almighty Ninja Tune, Remedies. Their most recent album features an all-star cast, including Rodney P on the swaggering Like Shaft. Who knows, he may even make an appearance at Boomtown

Altern 8

Full-on rave warfare is the order of the day for the dustmasked duo that are Altern 8Mark Archer thankfully pulled the pairing back together back in 2015, sans Chris Peat, instead enlisting the services of Posthuman‘s Josh Doherty. Expect to hear plenty of that ubiquitous rave hoover as Archer and Doherty take to the wheels for a set that is certain to rain momentous drops of acid down upon all present. Smother me in 303!


Brightonian Sinerider, who also records under the Divination moniker, is a firm favourite at psy-trance festivals across the globe. We reckon psy gets a bad rap from the music snobs, but there’s nothing like getting your ears around a pulsing trance kick drum while the sun (or the moon, we’re not fussy) blares down on your back. Psy is music to feel, and Sinerider will help you do just that, as he delivers a high energy set to the Boomtownsfolk.

The Third Nipple

Jungle is enjoying a resurgence at the moment, so you deffo want to catch some of the butane beats lenged out by Selector Spinach, Wamjam, and Mooreman. Expect to hear every manner of rinse-fodder as the trio rattle through raggatek, dnb, jungle, breakbeat, hardtek and garage faster than your nan on a 1200 spin. Mate. Seriously, if you want something to go absolutely berserk to, then this is right up your alley.


AMEN4TEKNO head girl Mandidextrous is widely recognised for being the figure at the forefront of the jungletek scene. Hailing from Brizzle (or Bristol, to non-Bristolians) the DJ and producer has spearheaded a twisted genre from the West Country, which encompasses jungle riddims with a blistering hardtechno assault that will leave you sweating (if you know how to rave properly – using a fan is cheating, prinnies). Well, what do you expect? That’s what 190 bpm does for you!

Limp Bizkit

For a complete nu-metal nostalgia-fest at Boomtown this year, get onto 90’s/00’s rap-rockers, Limp Bizkit. With a rake of instant singalong (or rapalong) anthems, including NookieN 2 Gether NowJust Like This, Rollin’ and many more, we are certain that Durst and co will be reminding festival goers exactly why they weren’t just another “Korn rip-off”. If it is just one of those days, when you don’t wanna wake up, everything is f**cked, and everybody sucks, then your Bizkit bros will rip the lid off it for you.

Cutty Ranks

Get ready to bogle an wine as Jamaican dancehall star Cutty Ranks brings the fiyah to Boomtown 2018. One of dancehall’s most prominent performers, the top-rankin’ reggae artist has been in the game for years, starting out at only eleven years old, with the young Ranks performing alongside local soundsystems, before he hit Gemini Soundsystem, leading on to a host of other Soundsystem allegiances. Bwoys, prepare your dagga and let Cutty Ranks tun up inna di dance.

Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte is one of those artists who’s trajectory to the top of her game has been meticulously aimed and astronomically achieved in an almost impossibly short timeframe. With head spots (AND her own stage!!!) at the infamous TomorrowlandsBoomtown-goers can rest assured that they will be getting the most up-to-date techno available, as de Witte pulverises the speakers with her uncompromising sound. Definitely not to be missed.

Barely Legal

Photo: Shezi Manezi

Barely Legal has been riding the crest of the grime and garage revival wave since she started out. The young (bit of a giveaway in the name…) DJ has forged a name for herself in a hugely male dominated industry, and incorporates a swathe of genres into her set, from dubstep, through grime, dnb, and house. hyped by everyone who you should be taking notice of, such as Rinse and Ninja Tune, get your hoods up, everyone, and prepare for Barely Legal‘s low-slung aural assault.


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