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Waveform Transmitter Launch Acid Techno Event

The Waveform Transmitter are set to launch a series of events that intend to explore the broad spectrum of sound that the underground scene enjoys. A different genre or style of music will be represented at each event, with the first being acid techno. The Waveform Transmitter presents: Acid Techno heralds the arrival of three of the genres most important figuresMark ForshawPosthuman, and Jerome Hill.

Mark Forshaw, who records under a number of pseudonyms (Casio Royale should be high on your playlist) and forms one-third of the almighty trio that is Phantom Planet Outlaws, with Binny and John Heckle, is a man who needs no introduction to Liverpool’s acid techno fans. He has been an integral part of the sound’s proliferation in Liverpool circles. Expect to be sweating from the off, as the scouse DJ and producer will undoubtedly be unleashing his inner acid beast for a set on his home turf.

Posthuman, AKA Josh Doherty is a man whose litmus test runs consistently a deep red. Somehow defying biological norms, Posthuman has acid in his veins, and it is wholly obvious from his own productions, as well as his DJ sets, that he has made understanding that quintessential sonic squiggle his business since the sound first surfaced.

Running his own I Love Acid event and label, and making up 50% of Altern-8Doherty‘s knowledge of acid house and techno is pretty tough to beat; an assertion that will be testified to when he graces the decks at the Waveform Transmitter event.

Jerome Hill has spent the past 28 years forging a career from myriad styles of electronic music. Hill can justifiably be described as an institution in terms of British dance music. He has long championed underground sounds, from UK Hip Hop through to Yorkshire Bleep, and his ability to throw down a high energy set, that explores a number of forms, leads to a reputation that precedes the man himself.

His Super Rhythm Trax label consistently pioneers exciting and original productions just as equally as it continues to push the genres that built the foundations for the electronic music scene as we know it today (just don’t mention prog-house to him…). This is a rare chance to see Hill in Liverpool. Don’t miss out.

Tickets for the event are available at a quickly dwindling early-bird price of £7.50. Grab yours, HERE.


The Waveform Transmitter Presents Acid Techno, Liverpool


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