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We Are FSTVL Preview: 10 Artists to Watch at We Are FSTVL

We Are FSTVL is back for 2018, with a line-up that threatens to wipe out the whole of Upminster, by sheer magnitude alone. The artists who are present on the roster for this year are mouth-watering, to say the least. Featuring the likes of Carl CoxJoseph CapriatiStephan Bodzin, and Marco Carola, it is easy to see that organisers have been working hard to secure some class acts for this year’s edition of the festival.

NextFest have put together this handy little list of the ten artists we reckon you need to make a special effort to catch. In no particular order, here are our…

10 Artists to Watch at We Are FSTVL

Marco Carola

DJ/producer, Marco Carola, puts an italian twist on the techno he produces and plays. He was instrumental in nurturing the flourishing Italian techno scene back in the nineties, so you just know that this guy is a-game material. In case you don’t know, check out his mix from BPM Festival, below. Tech-house at its best.


Do we really need to say anything, here? EZ has been doing it on the garage scene, now, for approaching thirty years. That is no mean feat, but the accolades that he has been presented with over that time are a testament, not only to EZ‘s unwavering dedication to his craft, but also to the technical skill he attributes to it. He is easily one of the most technically astounding mixers we have ever seen, and that is saying something.


Mixpak mainstay, Jubille, will be on hand with some delectable Miami Bass to really get the party jumpin’. Honestly, the American DJ/producer really understands how to work a crowd, dropping all manner of bottom-end-heavy bangers liberally onto the dancefloor. Listen, if Dre Skull thinks she’s good enough, then you better listen up smart, because that man knows his onions. Check out her 2017 debut album, After Hours, below.


If a trio of bass producers of this calibre doesnt get you going, then you must be dead on the inside. Royal-TDJ Q, and Flava D, all well-respected DJs in their own right, have combined forces to form the tour de force that is TQD. Mashing up bassline tracks like the government is about to ban it, expect a full on riot when TQD take to the decks. Check out their Boiler Room set below, from Sheffield, home of bassline!

Green Velvet

Green Velvet needs no introduction. The green mohican has become synonymous with quality Chicago House and techno, and with good reason, he has actively pushed the sound since 1991, when his first track, Coffee-Pot, was released on ClubHouse Records in 1991. Cameras Ready? Prepare to flash.

Amelie Lens

The speed at which Amelie Lens has soared to the top of the techno game has been somewhat astonishing. Only two years ago did she first enter into the underground conscience and now, it would seem, people can’t get enough of her. Her brand of minimal, driving, dark techno, which is very much based around pounding kick drums and cavernous bass. Take a spare pair of trainers as you’ll wear the soles of any footwear clean out through maniacal stomping. True story.

Shy FX

If you reckon you’re into your dance music, but you can’t pick out Shy FX’ Original Nuttah, within two snares, then we’re heading round to your house to wreak havoc in your front garden while we play it full blast in the car. Seriously, Shy is a veteran of the drum and bass/jungle scene, and nobody knows how to rinse it better than him.

Todd Terry

New York house music would be nothing without Todd Terry. The guy has been there literally since the start of it all, emerging onto the scene in the early eighties, until house emerged and he pounced on it eagerly. Since then, he has contributed to shaping the house sound into what it is today.

Andy C

Another legend on the drum and bass scene, heavy roller Andy C will be in full effect, no doubt tearing it up in his own inimitable manner. The RAM Records top head was, and still is, one of the most influential pioneers of the d&b sound since its inception. Just you wait until he starts double dropping. You’ll know when it happens, trust us…just bring something to scrape your brains up off the floor.


If you aren’t familiar with Italo-Belgian DJ/producer Vito de Luca, AKA Aeroplane, then we suggest you get familiar, like, now. His brand of funk-infused house music will no doubt have dat booty shaking from the off. Don’t believe us? Wig out to this Triple JJJ Radio mix he recorded a while back. Anyone who drops Carly Simon‘s Why? three tracks into a mix gets a gold star in our book.

We Are FSTVL takes place May 25-28, at Damyn’s Hall Aerodrome, Aveley Road, Upminster, RM14 2TN.



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