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Wilderness Festival 2017 – Nextfest Preview

From 3rd-6th August, Wilderness returns to Cornbury ParkOxforshire, for four days of civilised music, food, and madness. The festival has always had a more refined attitude to the festival experience since it started 7 years ago, with experiences such as fine dining, fine art, and fine music all on the cards.

That isn’t to say the fine has replaced the fun, however. Oh no. Wilderness organisers have skillfully combined the two in order to curate a festival that has a great deal to offer its ticket holders.

Photo: Andrew Whitton

So, the music. Boy oh boy, are you in for a treat! We highly recommend catching the entirety of Grace Jones’ set. The queen of new wave is set to headline the festival with her iconic electropop sound and her even more iconic appearance. Her renditions of tracks such as Warm Leatherette, Pull Up to My Bumper, and Slave to the Dance will be worth the ticket fee alone.

If possible, we also suggest that you get on down to see Nightmares on Wax DJing and…erm…get on down. Known for his fantastically diverse sets, which incorporate house, hip-hop, breakbeat and all in between, you are sure to get a good old stomp on when NOW is behind the wheels. His skills manning the decks are perfectly translated between his mastery of the production studio. Check out his albums on Warp Records if you don’t believe us…Smoker’s Delight is a perfect starting point.

Photo: Andrew Whitton

You don’t just have music to enjoy, of course. There is a rich tapestry of arts being woven at Wilderness. You have talks and debates to get involved in. Tate Britain are hosting Queer British Art and Identity to discuss sexuality, gender, and their connection to the arts, which sounds like incredibly thought provoking material. Newsweek will also be in action, discussing whether we are on the way to a second Cold War.

Obviously, there is plenty of family shenanigans taking place also. Young and old are invited to take part in cartoon workshops, keeping the ethos of the cartoon a current one by sewing the seeds in the minds of promising young artists. Be sure to check out the Flying Seagull Project, who have even more kid-friendly fun available for the nippers to keep them occupied.

For more information, plus photos, videos and ticket information, head to our Wilderness Festival page.


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